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Pay your Earnest Money Payment directly to Wisconsin Title Group, LLC by ACH or eCheck pursuant to the Escrow Agreement below

Online Payment Receipt

After your payment is made, you will be emailed confirmation of payment stating the amount of Earnest Money paid and the address of the Property being purchased.  


By clicking "Pay Earnest Money Now" and making your Earnest Money Payment, you agree as follows:

1)  The Earnest Money shall be paid to and held in the Escrow Account of Wisconsin Title Group, LLC (WTG)

2)  WTG shall hold the funds in a non-interest bearing account

3)  WTG shall disburse the Earnest Money according to the terms of the Accepted Offer to Purchase and the Closing Statement and you agree to hold WTG harmless from any liability and indemnify WTG for good faith disbursement of the Earnest Money. 

4)  WTG shall disburse funds prior to a successful closing according only to a written disbursement agreement signed by all parties to the Accepted Offer to Purchase or as directed by court order. 

5)  There is no fee if WTG or Integrity Title of Wisconsin is the title company for your Closing.   

6)  If WTG or Integrity Title of Wisconsin is not the title company for your Closing, you agree to pay a $50.00 fee to Earnest Money Payment, LLC, on your Closing Statement.  Your Earnest Money will be transferred to your title company only by wire transfer.   

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